Rape is a mental illness


👉Rape is a mental illness

Rape is a phenomenon occurring in the events occurring in our society, which is contaminated by the morale and violently influences the violent form of the gender, the same sex or the community. In which one side is prey to mental paralysis, the other suffers from the new condition stemming from that distortion.

👉 mental retardation

Just imagine what might be the reason …. Will it not be called mental disorder and behind them all is just another reason. That is, porn videos seen on mobile. In which the females are born with the body and they are born of it, the deformity that wants to practice it, and it becomes pervasive and gives rise to incidents like rape.

It does not matter to being advertised that you got a license to watch Rape porn movies or girls got a license to rape them with rape.

👉 By the government
Therefore, the government should go ahead in the direction of putting a complete curb on porn websites, as well as in cinemas, such pornographic porn videos should be stopped completely.

The government should bring such a policy under which the same people can use the internet, whose age is 18 years or more. At the same time, in place of his email ID, his base card number should be used in the Internet, so that the real identity of the person is in front of everyone.

👉 On International Forum

The government of India needs to be kept at the international level and the contaminated pathology stemmed from the porn film. So that international films can be stepped up in the direction of banning porn movies and to protect the children of the puberty, mind, body from mental disorders, their physical abuse and mental disturbance from sex films.


👉IYC 👈
The people of this group need to consider this through the International Youth Conference and through the International Youth Summit. Because only young people will not work, but they must also save them from mental and social evil. By then we will be able to stand a good youth at the global level and these young people will be able to build a good society.
If we keep crying just crying that it is not good, it is not going to be good …. 😢😢😢. It should be, it should be and we can not build a good society until we start from its beginning.
Therefore, young people representing India at the Youth Conference need to keep all these things. So that the miscarriage of such abnormalities such as rape at the global level can be considered.
It is not that such a trend is only in India, but in India too many such incidents are occurring in India and youth with dementia are rotting in prisons at the beginning of their youth and outside the prison or health Girls in the center are living dead. Therefore, in all NGOs related to youth at international level, there should be consideration for such mental disturbances, such as pornographic films and rape.

👉What do you do?

👉If you are living a married life, always keep in mind that no action related to sex should be done in front of children. Even during the night, it should be taken care of that the families, children or students of neighboring neighborhood can not be affected by the activities and activities related to the husband’s wife, Ratsukh etc.
👉 Children should be seen in films with children only. Keep them away from sexual, erotic movies or serials.
को Not be given mobile to children at the request of children.
👉 Whenever children talk about finding or reading study materials on the internet, keep in mind that they can search the volunteer content and deliver it to the internet connection, or what kind of content the kids are reading on their own, are seeing this Take care.
👉 Never leave your children unreliable or unfamiliar or relieved. Even if she does not seem to be related to her cousin, Mumera and Fufera brother. Because the work / wicker / lust blinds the person. As this boy has done.
👉 Children should be constantly monitored that their sons and daughters are compatible, how boys are from girls … ???
What is the behavior of the boys and girls who are compatible with your children …?

👉Nirbhaya Rape 👈

It is important that some years ago, Nirbhaya was raped in a moving bus in Delhi and she was thrown from a moving bus, which led to his death. After this, students protested against it for months. There was a voice in the whole country against the fearless case. Boys and girls had organized the Nirbhaya movement with shoulders on their shoulders. The culprits were also convicted by the court. Some of them had committed suicide too.
Still, such happenings are indicating that there is a need to do a lot of work in the society by the actual social activists starting from the family to the global level.


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